Before you start to read this post remember “You Don’t Have to be a Genius to Master Internet Marketing.” 

Internet marketing also known as online marketing, refers to marketing and advertising efforts that involves the Web & the email to drive direct sales through electronic commerce. In addition to sales and leads from Web properties or emails. Internet marketing and online marketing efforts are usually used simultaneously with traditional modes of advertising like television, radio, newspapers, magazines etc.

1) Web marketing includes e-commerce sites, affiliate marketing sites, informative or promotional sites, search engine advertisement, and organic search engine results through the methods of search engine optimization (SEO).

2) Email marketing involves both advertising & the promotional marketing through methods involving e-mail messages to current & prospective customers.

3) Social media marketing involves both advertising & marketing efforts through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. In depth examples of social media marketing involves Facebook engagement like comment, shares, and likes, Twitter retweets and likes, Pinterest repins, Instagram love, and many more, these are all ways to expand brand and the product to more and more people. Another method nowadays which many companies follow is to create infographics in order to gain traction in social media as well as giveaways. contests, hashtag etc.

4) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the form of marketing that includes the advertisement of websites by enhancing their search engine visibility in google, bing and yahoo results pages (SERPs) through optimization using methods of both on-page and off-page as well as through advertising (contextual advertising, paid placements and paid inclusions).

5) Youtube

Not only is your audience on YouTube active, but as the internet’s second largest search engine, it can help improve your SEO and overall brand presence. YouTube allows the marketers to come up with content in unique way that is easy for viewers to consume and share.

YouTube marketing is one of the most intimidating tool for brands.

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