understanding your family tree

Understanding your family tree

According to researchers there are a number of reasons why understanding your family tree and from doing genealogical research can be so rewarding. Other reason are as follows:

Some people enjoy pleasure of the hunt for ancestors

Researching about the family history is similar to working on a giant puzzle for which most people may never find an ultimate solution, as there are always additional details to be added or people to be found. A eureka moment of locating an elusive third cousin twice removed or even details on a secretive grandfather is sweet indeed! Many an archive’s search room has experienced the ‘I finally found it!’ dance and for others, this sense of fulfillment and locating is of great importance.

Other enjoys to connect to future generations by passing on stories and traditions

Knowing that your nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren and so on will know who their ancestors were, what they did, where they came from and how they lived is a great comfort. It is also possible to include almost all type of information in one’s family history including songs, personal anecdotes and recipes.

Bring history to life by discovering direct links to historical events & places can be thrilling.

Many of us enjoy the sense of interconnection we get to peoples and places through ancestral tie. Exploring and knowing more about these links helps us in understanding what our ancestors’ lives were like & how differently we live now. It can also help to promote a better and deeper connection to people across the globe as so many of our family stories are based on immigration. Other people take these links to furthur extent by joining lineage, surname or heritage societies like the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Sons of Norway.

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