Why Singers Can Be Role Models Too

Why Singers Can Be Role Models Too

Some people says singers can’t be role models. But next time you think a singer can’t be a good role model, remember how your favorite artists have helped you conquer your hardships in life.

“They’re a singer, they can’t be role models.” These are words that have lingered in my mind since I sat with a group of people at lunch one day. How could someone say that? Just because someone is a singer doesn’t mean they can’t have the same effect on people as athletes and world leaders do on people.

Take Demi Lovato for example, an artist admired by young women everywhere. Not only has she been open about her depression and an eating disorder as well as her addictions, she chooses to be an advocate for those issues so her fans know they aren’t alone.

Another example to think of is Taylor Swift. When you listen to her music you realize how similar you actually are to one of the world’s biggest superstars. Now she just doesn’t sing about love, she sings about chasing your dreams, change and being strong when others are bringing you down. Even if you don’t like her, there has to be at least one song or two that makes you think “wow, she really put my feelings into words.

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Now take Lady Gaga, someone who is practically a walking billboard for human rights. Remember when “Born this Way” came out? We all started to embrace the little things that separate us from everyone else in this world. We realized it’s okay to be ourselves and to be different. So, next time you might not want to think positively about Lady Gaga, just remember how hard she is working to create a better support system for human wellness and human rights. 

When I heard those words from that person at lunch one day, my mind started spinning because I started to think of all the great and wonderful entertainers who have helped me cope with the hardest of times. Above were just a few examples of many great artists who make it their mission to help the world. Just because someone’s a singer doesn’t mean they don’t have a good heart and they’re not a good role model. Yes, they might wear crazy costumes or sing for a living, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have good hearts. 

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