Why SEO is ImportantWhy SEO is Important for your Business

Nearly every business nowadays have to decide the amount they have to spend on search engine optimization (SEO). Strong professionally built website and robust SEO is the most important thing for survival in web-driven world.

Nowadays the question every business professional involved in online work must ask is “How much he is going to spend on SEO, for website enhancement and marketing services?” Reading this article will give you some info that will be helpful to make that decision.

The first type of service is the Monthly retainer. In this, business owners/clients pay a specified amount each month in exchange for an agreed-upon array of services. This is the most common payment model used nowadays.

The second type of service is the Contract services at fixed prices. Nowadays almost all the SEO agencies/SEO experts sell contract services. Many times, before the client is ready to engage in a monthly retainer, they normally select a contract services they want to get completed.

The third type of service is the Project-based pricing. Project fees are almost similar to the contract services with an exception that they are normally a custom project created for a specific client keeping in view the client’s requirements. Pricing of such service varies from project to project.

Another type of service is the Hourly consulting. This model includes an hourly fee in exchange for information or services.

For almost every business today, having a Responsive, User friendly website and SEO is the most important and the highest ROI marketing effort. The benefits SEO provides exceeds the value of almost every other marketing approaches – broadcast advertising, direct mailing, online ads etc.

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