Why College educated are facing difficulties finding jobs

Almost everyone agrees that fresh college graduates nowadays are having a tough time finding good jobs. So, an important question arise why College educated are facing difficulties finding jobs. When we take a look at the government figures, this includes young people aged 18 to 33 who have struggled with unemployment and account for almost half of the 10.9M jobless Americans.

According to a new study by Bentley University there is a difference of opinion between young adults and business leaders related to the main causes of this problem. These days almost every three out of four hiring managers complain that college graduates are not ready for the job market and nearly all of them lack an adequate “work ethic”. These managers are not unaccompanied a lot of other corporate recruiters and businesspeople in the industry agrees that fresh graduates are not prepared for their first job.

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When we take a look at the report by St. Louis Community College we see that more than 60% of employers mentions that applicants lack “interpersonal and communication skills” and according to a Pew analysis of census data, 34% of 25-29 year olds completed a bachelor’s and 63% had some college under the belt. So, we can also say that 37%, had no college education and probably they are not going to get a good job.

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College educated are facing difficulties finding jobs

Few other reasons why college graduates are not getting jobs are as follows:

  • Increase in competition.

Nowadays since College education has become more affordable than before so it puts a lot of pressure on students to attend college to get a good job. But, this has resulted in more college graduates than before and consequently, more competition for limited number of jobs available.

  • No or Little work experience.

Mostly college graduates nowadays think that their degree alone will qualify them for a job. So, they spend their college years partying and wasting time rather than getting an internship to enhance their skills and experience.

  • Lack of networking

Nowadays networking is playing a key role in getting a job and more and more people are getting good jobs through referrals. The reason it is so effective is because it reduces all the worry of whether or not a person can do the job.

  • resume and cover letter.

Nowadays resume and cover letter act as the first impression. Most college graduates don’t spend much time to make their resume and cover letter look and sound good. This is also one of the reason why college graduates are not getting jobs.

These are some of the reasons why College educated are facing difficulties finding jobs

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