Ted Talks

TED Talks are short videos around 18 minutes each, from one of the most captivating speakers around the world. When you watch any of the Ted Talks video you are most definitely going to meet with a person of high intellectual capacity, like the feeling that rips through you after a remarkable accomplishment. Some well-known TED speakers are Bono, Jane Goodall, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking. Ted videos cover variety of topics, from technology, design, entertainment and a number of subjects. With that they freely distribute and share non-commercially under a creative commons license.

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You surely would think the success of Ted Talk has something to do with the quality of speakers that is to a certain extent true, but the main reason behind is much deeper. It includes an X factor that you never see on the camera or while sitting in the auditorium. To me the ‘x’ factor in TED Talks is the management. TED Talk make their events eye catching due to the fact that their Organizing team select interesting themes, speakers and audiences. TED Talks are always good because of their speakers and the content. TED Talks are a source for many to become charismatic and influential. Peoples admiration towards TED Talk is mainly by seeing the speakers body language rather then his words.



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