Psychometry is basically a form of psychic reading in which the reader claims to be obtaining details about another using the physical contact with their possessions. Psychometry readers most often asks the subject questions related to their favorite and their most meaningful objects, such as the wedding rings, car keys, teddy bear, glasses etc for the reading.

The belief in Psychometry is that the objects that are in very close proximity to another person for the extended periods of time holds some (if not all) of that person’s energy; we are here talking about the energy that can be easily detected. This method have been used in order to try to locate the missing persons. Psychometry can be also performed in groups where many like-minded people try to read from objects.

Joseph Rodes Buchanan coined the word “psychometry” (measuring the soul) in 1842. Buchanan came up with an idea that almost all the things give off an emanation.

Buchanan continued to promote and further advance the concept of psychometry throughout his life & moreover his followers believed that it is going to revolutionize science in a very comprehensive way as “the dawn of a new civilization”. Buchanan’s work on psychometry was continued by William Denton who was a geologist (1823-1883).

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