Wedding and Formal Hire

Wedding and Formal Hire || Credits: Mayra Writes

Hiring a wedding suit is very common nowadays at as mostly the groom will often be dressed similar to the ushers and the best man so, buying all these suits could become very expensive. Most couples choose to hire the wedding suits for the groom and the ushers so they can achieve a uniform look without paying a fortune on new clothes. While hiring one for your big day some useful tips must be kept in mind to get the perfect wedding suits.

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Hired suits can even be stylish, if you or your fiancé have specific ideas about what kind of outfit you would like him to wear on the big day. You should talk about these with the hire shop and see what they can do for you. If he is not happy with the outfits on offer, look somewhere else until you find the right company that would provide for his style. Since you are hiring the suits they don’t need to be old fashioned or dull. You can even have a look whether the hire shop can make accessories available such as the shirts, cravats, cummerbunds, ties, and even the shoes. You should confirm it whether it is possible for the groom to have different accessories to differentiate him from the rest of the male entourage.

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You should look for a professional and a reliable menswear supplier that provides a modern range of suits by taking individual measurements of each and offers an initial fitting as well as a final fitting when the outfits are picked up. You should offer some input into your fiancé’s outfit if possible via collecting catalogues from few hire shops with the idea of checking out costs, and then show him some of those that you believe would blend in with your wedding style. While it is more usual these days for men to take interest in fashion, many are still inexperienced about what is suitable for them to wear for a particular occasion.

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Men may vary in weight just like the women in the run up to a wedding so don’t have the fitting too far in advance. Book the suits and organize preliminary fittings about three months prior to the wedding day. Arrange yourself for the final fitting, and for the suits to be picked up, few days earlier than the big day. This allows time for the last minute alterations if required. Try your best to hire all the suits from the same outlet so that they are exactly of the same color and fabric. Make sure that when the suits needed to be returned and if there are any added costs for cleaning or alterations along with initial deposit and how much will be returned. Choose any one of the male members of your bridal party and make them accountable for collecting up the suits and sending them back as well, particularly if you are leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding.


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