Motivate Your Remote Team

Motivate Your Remote Team

Nowadays since more businesses are relying on remote talent, & more and more workers in the United States and abroad are working completely remotely for almost every type of businesses So, employers have to rethink about traditional tactics of employee motivation & apply them effectively on remote work environment. It is not simply related to the employee’s perception about their work, the remote employees motivation goes long way towards value that their work provides to your business or company. Following are few tips that could be helpful to motivate your remote team:


Nothing kills the motivation of remote workers faster than micromanaging. But, unfortunately people who are least able to perceive micromanagement are the micromanagers themselves. It’s better for the remote employees to have clear task descriptions & liberty to get things done, with occasional check-ins if they have questions or reach a bottleneck.

Pay On Time

The importance of paying remote employees on time is one of the most important thing when dealing with remote workers. Delay in remote workers pay erodes their trust & gives them reason to start looking for work elsewhere.

Appreciate and Congratulate

The key to employee motivation is the recognition of their good work. Everyone wants to feel as their work counts & has meaning. You should let your remote workers know about their good work virtually. Sending them an online gift certificate is one of the great options if the employees are in another city or country i.e they are remotely working for you.

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