Western & Romance genre novels are very popular nowadays. Western romance is a well-known sub-genre of romance, which came into existence during the American frontier-era. In addition, novels may take place in contemporary western settings or in Australia or frontier Canada. Because of customary action & adventure infused in stories of this genre, it also can be considered as part of the western genre, with strong romantic interest added. The Wanted Lawman by A.C. Smith is a novel in both the western & romance genre.

The Wanted Lawman by A.C. Smith

The Wanted Lawman by A.C. Smith 

The Wanted Lawman is a book about Deputy Jesse Morgan who had a dark past and will do almost anything to keep his secrets safe, especially from his fellow lawmen. After all, he’s a wanted man.

But when he’s tasked with helping the sheriff’s sister in law, Cecilia Drake, move to town, the simple task becomes more than he bargained for. The feisty reporter captivates his attention but leaves him feeling betrayed when he discovers his picture published in the local paper—with his name.
Jesse fears it will bring the wrath of the law, or worse, his old gang upon his head. For the last ten years, they have been looking for him and want to settle their score in blood. The safest bet is to get out of town and keep running, just like he’s always done. But he loves St. Elmo, and more than that, he’s fallen for Cecilia. Hard. When a bounty hunter comes sniffing around town, it kicks off a chain of events that could jeopardize the lives of everyone he loves.

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About the Author

A.C. Smith A.C. Smith is an independent author currently living in Spain. A Colorado native, her first novel, The Wanted Lawman, captures the scenery of her home state. Growing up with her family’s stories and traversing the Colorado wilderness inspired her to write The Wanted Lawman. Her ancestors pioneered a town in the bitter cold of Northern Colorado. “I come from a line of cowboys that were tough as nails,” she says, going on to describe how her mom traveled alone on horseback as a child through miles of rangeland to attend a one-room schoolhouse.

She left a nine-year career in environmental & hazardous materials management after having worked in the harshest extremes our planet has to offer, from the brutal heat of Iraq to the desolation of Antarctica. Her world travels over the years have been a collective life-changing experience, which fostered a dream of writing into a full-fledged passion. She continues to write novels, as well as illustrating coloring books, while living in Madrid with her husband. Her other passions include traveling, painting, spending time with her husband and dogs, and riding motorcycles. She also claims to be an aficionado of art, hot dogs, and cute otter pictures. You can also visit the official website to know more about her.

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