Nowadays Endless running games are very popular and ideal for people who take very short breaks because they can easily still play and enjoy the game without having to worry about being in competition or completing mission in their short break.

But unlike other running games available nowadays “Wall Cat Run” is an energizing, fast-paced and engaging wall run game, but with a chance to make some money. “Wall Cat Run” is an additive 2D arcade game that offers amazing action game play. What users will have to do is to take control of the Wall Cat Run to avoid obstacles and collect fish. Users should use their game play speed and concentration going to build high scores. Users can even build high scores in this wall climbing game to challenge their friends.

Some awesome features of the app are following

  • Beautiful graphics to enhance your visual experience
  • Power Ups to quickly help you score fish
  • Build High Scores to track them and challenge your friends

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According to Jarkko Huttu, Founder and Owner of Wall Cat Run “So many people stick to the same one or two wall running games, and don’t consider expanding their horizons with all of the options out there”. You can also visit the facebook page of the app.

Wall Cat Run is available to download from google play store. Download this awesome app today and don’t forget to share about this awesome app with your friends and family.

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