The introduction of smart watches has been met with mass enthusiasm from the consumer, but the biggest complaint is the price tag. It left a lot of people out in the cold, unable to experience the new technology. The W8 Bluetooth Smart Watch is set to change that for good. This really is the small package all good things come in!

Packed with features this watch does not disappoint, the hit to the wallet might be low, but the technology factor is sky high. The W8 Bluetooth Smart Watch offers a camera, a GSM phone, message functionality and so much more!

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This was a popular item in the office, it performed well on test and it was easy to forget that you were holding such a reasonably priced piece of kit. It has a really high quality feel, and the touchscreen was responsive and fast. Although it lacks browser control functionality, which you do see with the big name brands, we feel generally watch screens are too compact for browsing the net, so this feature was not missed. Testing the features was a pleasure and there really isn’t much to say negatively about the W8 Bluetooth Smart Watch. Highly recommended!   Read on to find out what we discovered!


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The W8 can be used as a phone in two ways, either by the addition of a sim card, turning it into a mini phone or by using bluetooth to pair up with your existing device. Once you choose your preferred mode you have access to call and messaging functionality. With both the sim or bluetooth you can check messages, send messages and set message reminders. In bluetooth mode the watch can answer or make calls, whilst offering access to your phonebook for ease of use.



The sleek and stylish W8 Bluetooth Smart Watch also comes with a built in camera, the 0.3MP may not have the highest resolution but it certainly does the job, and the snaps are pretty good too. If you fancy a better quality picture, have no fear, the watch can also be used as a remote control via the all important bluetooth to control a different camera, perfect for selfies and family moments.

Action tracking

With watches being worn on the wrist, it is easy to see why a smart pedometer has been included. Not only can you track your steps, but you can monitor your sleep, and set a sedentary reminder for those days at you desk. On your command the phone will nudge you into action, getting you moving regularly even when doing the 9-5. Devices that can only do are big business, hugely popular and retailing at well over $100, so this is a real sale attracting bonus.

Find me!

The watch also has a clever trick up its sleeve (pun intended!), it is virtually impossible to lose! Once linked with another device, the watch can be used to locate the device, or the device can be used to locate the phone, should either go missing. Seriously useful if you have a habit of leaving either on silent like I do!

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All this and more!

The W8 Bluetooth Smart Watch, which can be used to control the music on a connected device also comes with a built in FM radio, which offered excellent reception, a voice recorder for those all important memos, calculator and calendar, up to 5 different alarms, a stopwatch and weather app.

You can set the watch to silent or aeroplane mode (so it fits well with the jet set lifestyle) or have the volume turned up high when you are out and about to ensure you never miss a call.

When not in use, the clock face can be selected from three alternatives, depending on what you prefer to see!

Aesthetically pleasing

This watch is a lovely piece of wearable technology, it works equally well for male or female fashion choices, and is available in either black or white. With a stainless steel rectangular face, and a nano-silicone strap the watch not only looks good but is perfectly comfortable to wear, day or night. The unit isn’t waterproof so be sure to remove before bathing, showering or swimming, but this is pretty standard, so we are sure you would! The TFT screen has a resolution of 240×240 px which is pretty cool considering it is only 1.54 inch in size.

Tech spec

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The watch has Bluetooth 3.0, a micro SIM card slot, a built in 128M RAM and 64M ROM, this can be expanded by adding a TF card with up to 8GB capacity. The standby time is advertised at 100 hours, and on test we found this to be reliably accurate.

Overall there really was nothing we did not like, it is a very reasonably priced piece of kit that rivals more expensive models in several categories. We rate the W8 Bluetooth Smart Watch GSM Phone as one of the must have gadgets of the year.

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  1. How we set the data connection? Ear phone where connect? Blutooth also connected but not working how possible to talk.pls tell me

    • Hi can you please contact the seller as he can better guide you. The seller link (gear best) is inside the article. Thanks!!

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