Arush Dayal

Arush Dayal is a an actor/singer/writer originally from India. He is a bilingual, fluent in Hindu & English. From an early age he realized the power language has & it led him on journey to perfect his acting technique through education. He completed his training at the Acting Program at the International Academy of Film and Television in Hong Kong and the One Year Conservatory at T Schreiber Studio in New York, where the area of his focus included Meisner Technique, Acting for Camera & Commercial Acting. Arush Dayal didn’t just learn technique in a classroom, he translated it to on-stage productions including a turn as King Richard in “Richard III.”

Arush Dayal believes that the strength & ability to connect with an audience gives the performing artists a unique opportunity to not just provide entertainment but even materially influence the today’s world. This has been the Arush’s main motivation to choose Acting as career. In his early years he watched many classical movies, he had been enchanted by power of the spoken word & he created early leanings towards performing arts. He started at a very early stage with school plays & fondly remembers participating in many regional theatre festivals. Many productions later, his passion led to getting selected as the President of the Drama & Theatre Society.

Through many amateur productions and his passion for music, Arush Dayal gained invaluable insights to  the voice improvisations, movements & being a voracious reader, he pored over countless books and literature on the evolution of cinema & theatre as a medium. It also influenced his choosing graduation in Media Studies.

What began as just an idea turned into passion & Arush realized that his foundation in Acting could move to an altogether different realm by doing the One Year Conservatory at T Schreiber Studio, one of the country’s most reputable & prestigious acting schools. According to Arush Dayal being an actor, nothing gives him a bigger rush, than thrill of showcasing his art, and inciting emotions in different people, while doing what he love to do.

For more information on Arush Dayal, please visit: You can check out his professional acting reel at backstage.


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