Why We Should Be Using Twitter

Why We Should Be Using Twitter

Twitter has now been with us for many years. Originally Twitter was a service for the employees of Odeo but with time twitter entered into public domain around in mid 2006 and by 2007 the early adopters & tech bloggers started using Twitter, and twitter has grown every year since then.

Despite boasting many active users, Twitter is lagging a long way behind Facebook & its userbase of 1 billion-plus. Those who have not yet started using Twitter seem unlikely to ever do so.

There are many reasons why should we use twitter and few reasons are as follows:

Interesting People

We always want ourselves to be surrounded with interesting people but sadly not all of us gets the chance to do that in real world. Twitter is not meant for the family and friends but it is for people people actually want to communicate with. Using twitter you can follow anyone & anyone can follow you. It is not required on twitter to have mutual friends in order to add people like on Facebook.

Tracking Trends

Similar to breaking news Twitter is a very good resource to track online trends. If a YouTube video is getting viral then at the same time it will be getting shared on Twitter too. So, twitter is a great resource to Track Trends.

Company Contact

Twitter represents one of the easiest and the quickest way to contact a business or a big company in order to get instant customer service. The response most people receive might not be as fine-tuned as we mostly receive by speaking to person on the phone etc.

These are few reasons Why We Should Be Using Twitter Twitter daily for organic audience growth of business.

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