Seeking and giving advice is very important when it comes to effective decision making and leadership. Gaining guidance is many a times seen as passive consumption of wisdom and on the other hand advising is most commonly treated as matter of “good judgment”. When discussion is done well, individuals on both sides of the table benefit.

Those individuals who are honestly open to guidance (and are not simply looking for validation) develops finer solution to problems compared to they would have on their own. They add shading and touch to their thinking—and according to research, they can even overpower self-serving rationales, cognitive biases, and other imperfections in their logic. People who give guidance effectively even wields soft influence—they even shape significant decisions while empowering others to act. As an engaged listeners, they can also learn a lot from problems people bring them.



TurtleWise is an online experience network that encourages a community of users to give and receive trusted, confidential and credible advice in order to help one another with life’s meaningful decisions as getting credible advice is very important when it comes to effective decision making and leadership.

With TurtleWise users gets like-minded individuals and organizations too who offers to share their experience, wisdom and advice in a positive and fun environment.

So, you might be thinking what makes TurtleWise a better option compared to any other community?

With TurtleWise users gets a virtual environment that adds the value beyond in-person mentorship through the national and international reach, by building a trusted unit of advisors that offers ability to open questions to a broad network for input.

This community is open to almost anyone (not just for advice seekers but also for givers) who have a very strong desire to “pay-it-forward” and expand their options by giving and getting great advice since everyone has something to learn and things to share.

The site currently focuses on areas not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Career Management
  • Politics
  • Lifestyle and Family
  • The Military

The patent-pending matching algorithm of TurtleWise is specifically designed to mimic “real-life”, since the community members are matched based on characteristics and attributes of an ideal advisor, that is specifically chosen by advice seekers.

TurtleWise is free to join community and offers basic membership with which users can give and receive first order advice. For an in-depth engagement that i recommend, you can also opt-in for premium membership with which you can participate in chat, create and connect with an organizational or influencer page, earn TurtleBucks (an in-site monetization), build board of advisors and much more.

So, SignUp on TurtleWise and receive trusted, confidential and credible advice today.


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