Dating as part of human socialization has become more and more interesting these past years for new games come to play. One is FWB or friends with benefits. Some do the arrangement online or by personal contact on FWB Sites. Lots of people are seeking and trying to establish FWB. It is worth a try for you!

The relationship proves that it is difficult for two individuals to remain just friends with sexual benefits. Both individuals make their relationship uncomplicated for there are no restrictions. They continue to hang-out with their buddies and date other interesting partner for it is a “no strings attached” relationship despite enjoying sexual intimacies. In many cases, however, problems ensue when there is a crossover.

Shopping for a friend with benefits

Your partner is someone who is available; a single individual not recovering from a lost love or busy studying or engrossed with work. Select a fun person who is emotionally stable and ready for anything. Friends with benefits relationships are often terminated when one person got emotionally involved and starts falling for the other. Choose someone you already like: physically appealing, looks cute and fun to be around. Lastly, your partner must be outside your social or work circle. Since most FWB lasts only a few months, don’t pick someone you will be crossing paths again.

Three rules to live by

Observe these rules for smoother relationship.

Rule 1 – Make every meeting a steamy hot scene. After all sex is the only reason you’re in this relationship.

Rule 2 – For sleeping over, man’s place is taboo so it’s the woman’s place. Her staying over your place makes her feel very comfortable and she would want to dominate you.

Rule 3 – Once-a-week rendezvous is right as more often than that, is not really a casual relationship.

The upside of FWB dating

You have found a friend, generally someone you like, and someone you enjoy having sex with. Enjoy flirting with this partner and the ethereal sensation and the sense of well-being that come from sexual foreplay and sex. But don’t forget the condoms. The highest advantage of FWB is the sense of freedom from overly romantic attachments. This gives both partner greater freedom to experiment with new techniques and discuss and bring their fantasies to the highest level.

Why you should try FWBsites?

Gain experience with no emotional complications. FWBsites offers a unique solution to those newbie who’d like to learn sex especially from an older or more your experienced partner. If you’re one of the many who doesn’t have time for a full-time relationship, this is the ideal set-up for you. Fill the physical affection void of being single with hug and much more from a FWB. Use this type of arrangement to expand your skillset, like discovering how to have do fantastic oral sex. Or this might be an option to strengthen a previously platonic friendship.

Who shouldn’t pursue friends with benefits?

Since friends with benefits are not necessarily exclusive, FWB is not a relationship configuration that can work for everyone. Do not be a player if you are the jealous type, always associate sex with love, fall head over heels for good sexual partners, and easily develop romantic feelings. If any of the above is true about you, steer clear of this form of sexual recreation.


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