Pet Photography

Pet Photography

Pets very quickly and easily fill their place in our families and in our hearts and we love to have their pictures framed on our wall or desk. But still taking their picture is not an easy task. Unlike humans, pets do not understand what we humans are trying to do & won’t pose for camera!

Following are the 5 tips that will be helpful to get the most of your pet photography session

By Using Natural Lights

Always try to use natural light when we take picture of our pets. We should avoid flash, as flash light burst can cause red-eye along with that it can also frighten the animal. So, we should try to go outside and if it’s not possible, in a room we should lit by a large window.

By Keeping the Eyes Sharp

Having sharp eyes is one of the most important thing to consider in any kind of portraits photography. It is said that “Eyes are Window to the Soul” & pets eyes are very expressive. So, it is important to focus on our pet’s eyes & keep the tack sharp

By Giving value to their Character

We always know about our pet better than anyone else, & the successful photo is the one that conveys about character of its subject. If you’ve a lazy dog show him yawning, if our animal is very playful we should show him in action.

By Going Macro

We should put on that long lens & fill frame with our pet’s face & fur. By taking close-up shots usually make beautiful and awesome animal portrait.

By Surprising Them

This is one of the most important and the most difficult thing to do and it is to let your pet hold still. The easiest way to do this is to let him play quietly & once we have everything ready, we should let someone whistle for him or call for him. This usually surprise the animal and caught his attention & we will have few seconds to capture him in an alert posture.

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