Top 3 App That Will Help You Manage & Reduce Stress

It is estimated that 77% of the population in the United States experience regular physical symptoms caused by stress. Anxiety, insecurity, depression, and a general loss of meaning and value in life are some of the things that can be caused by chronic stress. While there are supplements that researchers have found to reduce chronic stress, there is another way [1]. Keep reading as we reveal our top 3 apps that will help you manage and reduce your stress.

  1. Personal Zen

Personal Zen utilizes problem solving and games to help reduce stress. Designed by a professor of psychology and neuroscience, the Personal Zen app uses a lot of research, tips, and tricks to creating an internal sense of calm. Part of its success comes from task completion. As you meet optimally challenging tasks and successfully complete them, you remove yourself from the anxiety and stress and can have a brief respite that will help you for the rest of your day. A joy to play, consider picking up Personal Zen for your next stress reduction app.

  1. Pay It Forward

Many people experience stress due to a feeling of imbalance in their own lives. Pay it Forward attempts to address this imbalance by making us aware of not only ourselves, but those around us as well. Pay It Forward is unique in that it encourages people to perform daily acts of kindness. It has a list of suggestions as well as a community forum, on the idea of giving back to other people in small ways. Pay It Forward uses a well-known and established principle in stress relief that when we do something that helps another our own stress is reduced as a result. Pay it Forward and reduce your stress with this simple app.

  1. Breathe2Relax

What is more basic than breathing? While we all breathe, not all of us are breathing in a way that uses our whole diaphragm and reduces stress. Breathe 2 Relax is an app that provides exercises as well as instructions on diaphragmatic breathing. The benefit of this breathing approach is that it is scientifically proven to help people reduce their stress and anxiety levels. There is also detailed information provided on the effects of stress on the body to make you more aware of when you are stressed and need time to take a moment for yourself.


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