free video editor 2017

Free video editor 2017

Having a free video editors have come a long long way since the early days of Movie Maker of Windows. Nowadays many freebies comes along with professional level characteristics & are astonishingly a lot easy to use.

Probably our needs are very basic & we sometimes only want to trim unwanted sections in clip. On the other hand, we might want to get more adventurous by interlacing different clips together, by adding different transitions & special effects, by applying audio  and video effects etc. We’ve got both the scenarios covered in this article

  1. Lightworks

When it comes to Lightworks, this tool is far more than just a tool for cutting clips – the pro version of Lightworks is being used for creating industry level movies including Road to Perdition & The King’s Speech.

So you might have guessed having such a powerful video editor, it would not be easy to master it overnight. So, Lightworks is described as one of the most professional video editor for almost everyone

  1. VideoPad Video Editor

Mostly if we take a look at Free video editors, they have the tendency to either be very simple to use & being limited in terms of powerful or features. But, when it comes to VideoPad Video Editor it really does a tremendous job of avoiding the both pitfalls – It is one of the most powerful editor that we can easily navigate, even in case if we’ve never used anything similar to this in past.

This video editor is highly recommended due to the sheer range of tools it offers. It is not quite as much feature-packed compared to Lightworks, but it is much easier to jump straight into and best for newbies.

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