Religion is going to win over Science? Science Is Excellent for Us. But, What’s Science for Someone Who Has Seen Humans for Millions of Years? What happen after death? How mind and brain work? Is life only on earth? How to die without any fear? Does life begin at conception?

Theories of Nature and the Universe

Are you looking for answers to these questions?

Today i am sharing about a book which contains answers for all these questions and many more. You can find analytical answers to most unanswered questions in science and human history in this book.
Theories of Nature and the Universe is a book written by Muditha Champika that offers a different worldview and compares ancient mystical knowledge with science. You may see the world in a different view after reading this book as this book contains answers for many questions most people are unaware about.

Here’s a response from the author when he was asked: What’s the most important thing someone will learn after reading your book?
Nature and Universe in not only depend of physical things as our science has formulated. There are lot of invisible materials and non-material things (also living beings) in the universe. Science is like a baby who baby trying to talk. And science doesn’t give humans real happiness. Science is not to the correct direction and it improves greediness of humans. If science continues in this way it will end up with destroying humans.  Please read this. I believe science is in a delusion. Lot of humans follows it with a faith but they only know some balk box words. Currently our human world has become to a bad commercial world. Humans are covered with delusion of scientist, who doesn’t want to think out of the box. And money is the most important thing for them too.

Another question asked to author and his response is as follows

Could your book improve the reader’s life in any way? (How?)

Yes. Of course. Even the reader don’t believe these things it is worth to read this. Since these concepts will expand their imagination and knowledge. It is better to know this kind of philosophy exist in the universe as many humans don’t know what is these ancient books teach us (even they know some Buddhist concepts).  But, if you belie it will give you the real happiness. Also, this book will resolve many unanswered questions in history.

Theories of Nature and the Universe is also Available on Amazon for Kindle devices. So, check out this awesome book and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.

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