As Workout and fitness is the most important thing to keep an alluring & healthy body. Similar to every other activities our workout routine should also be in order. In today’s world technology and fitness have begun to combine and they do combine well.

There are a lot of fitness apps & activity tracking devices in the market now a days but the app our team has selected aims to bring the most accurate reports in detail about your exercise session directly to your mobile device.

The VIT Lite Fitness App by Hall Pass allows user to customize workouts by creating different modalities for different lengths of time, like increasing work periods & decreasing rest periods. Creating new activities is very easy on this VIT Lite app. User can create a workout & customize time for warmup, workout & rest. Every initiated mode can be edited/erased. User will hear a tone or vibration just before you run out of time, so there is no need to stare at the phone during workout.

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