When we talk about reading books, there are endless stories that is not only helpful to broaden your understanding of the world but also is helpful to get you through some difficult points in your life. The people who read books have been known to have more finely tuned brains as compared to those who prefer more passive activities, so any person having a desire to improve his/her mind both psychologically and cognitively must engage in the habit of regular reading. Reading books offers us the wealth of learning & at a cheaper price as compared to taking an online course along with that it gives us a chance to consume large amount of research in a comparatively small amount of time.

The Ultimate Strangers

The Ultimate Strangers (The Adventures of Lilianda Book 1)

The Ultimate Strangers (The Adventures of Lilianda Book 1) is about Vampi, immortal women who ingested a special root and was transformed into the protectors of mankind and vampires. For Millennia, these women have worked in secret to ensure the survival of both mankind and the vampires. The best of these is Lilianda who endured the conversion at the age of sixteen, this making her the youngest, and the last, of the vampi.

Through the centuries she has had many experiences and adventures, but none can prepare her for the battle with the strangers who have come to the Earth seeking a special mineral. Instead of trading for this mineral, they have decided to invade and take what they want. A pre-invasion force whose mission is to collapse the economies of the major powers on Earth so that there will be no unified resistance when the main force arrives.

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While attending a high school in Maryland, Lilianda first encounters these strangers. With the support of the council that governs the actions of the vampi and vampires, she tracks these strangers first to Los Angeles and then to Lake Titicaca in Peru.

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There, she, a group of vampires and a man from the CIA are in for a fight for their lives as they try to protect the Earth from these invaders. It is only through perseverance and the help with a rogue young vampire that they discover how to destroy these strangers and protect mankind.

You can get this book from Amazon. The usual price of the book is $2.99 but is reduced to $1.99 from June 6-10.


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