The Solar Quote

With passing time consumers, home owners, commercial businesses etc are beginning to seriously think about the benefits and comfort of going solar and there are very few decisions they need to make. They have to pick an installer for the solar system and keeping in mind about their financing options they have to select which solar panels they want to install that will fulfill their needs.

For past years, solar industry has been focusing on cutting costs as quickly as possible. But a 5-10% reduction in cost will not have a substantial impact on a solar system’s total cost particularly in the residential side.

When it comes to cost and quality The Solar Quote solar panels are the most efficient in the industry and they have rated local installers in their area bringing home owners the highest quality products and with the lowest price in the industry. Because they own no trucks, ladders, etc so similar to uber and air b&b they are able to operate lean and they pass those saving onto the customers. They are like the expedia of Solar and they fill the gaps for installers. Unlike their rivals they deliver the highest quality module, providing customers more power over time at the lowest possible KWH price.The Solar Quote is working with and empowering women, making going solar sexy!! They team with local women entrepreneurs to support local small businesses and bring relevant value to women looking to go solar.

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