Users of Quora & Reddit recently started two identical threads regarding the english mistakes they find annoying. We have listed them and they are as follows:

“it’s” instead of “its”:

“ The police department said that it’s equipment is outdated ” & I will be brought to fury, Michael Wolfe record as Quora’s best comment.

Use “it’s” as a short form to replace “it is”.

Use “its” as a pronoun to exhibit ownership.


a) It’s raining.

b) The dog wanted its bone.

it's its

Using “I” & “Me”:

“I” will consistently be the concern of a sentence or clause and “me” will be the object.

“Me” should follow any preposition (on, of, in etc) & function as both indirect & direct entity in a sentence.

i me

“Than” instead of “Then”:

“Than” is used for differentiation and “Then” reveals time.


a) We would rather go at the party than stay home.

b) We left the party & then went home.

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then than


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