Amazon launch of its first physical book store named “Amazon Books” in Seattle, it is a logical step and will pave the way for more stores, according to prime marketers. Amazon is in a distinctive position to help people find the ideal book for them, and to deliver that in a physical environment with all the joys of browsing the bookshelves that online stores lose. This is all thanks to the power Amazon has with publishers, combined with its proprietary sales data and customer reviews.

When we talk about books i highly recommend “The Child Killer: Dead Earth Chronicles Kindle Edition” by Adam Conway. It is a book about a detective who loses 20 years his memory and finds himself on a dying Earth run by criminals. Only he seems to have the will to stop them but with evidence that he is a criminal himself, he still is able to stop the psychopaths and serial killers in charge.


It would be lovely if you post your review about the book as it means alot to the authors and don’t forget to share about this book with your friends and family!!


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