The Adventures of Prescott Junior McCoy III and friends grabs readers attention on the first page. This book shares stories that prove how powerful and limitless imagination can be, yet also how simple and fun it is to imagine, create, and pretend. Prescott Junior McCoy III is a bear that goes by Wolf-Fin and is known for his wild vision. One day while Wolf-Fin was waiting for his friends he heard a loud noise so he went to investigate it. Then he saw a bright shining light. When he got closer he could see it was a top hat and shoes so, he put them on. He thought they were magical! With his imagination in full swing Wolf-Fin had visions of witches and thought maybe these items were left behind with magical powers by them. But he dismissed it and started to sing his song and dance a little jig. When he done there was small group gathered. Wolf-Fin persuaded his friend to believe the shoes and hat had magical powers.  Once he had them convinced he led them to where all the items had fallen from the sky. When they arrived they saw various items strewn everywhere.

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They all filled their backpacks with the magical items.  Then Wolf-Fin encouraged them all to use their imaginations. They laughed and played and had a wonderful time and the story continues as this is a longer book than others that we mostly read so be prepared for that but it’s a great read and will not be a waste of your time for sure. So, Click here & visit the official website to order your copy of the book and don’t forget to share about this book with your friends and family!!

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