Accountability Partner

The Accountability Partner

While using accountability software, the most significant question to ask is: Who should receive your Accountability Reports?

For certain people the choice is an obvious one: a parent, a spouse. But a lot of people simply don’t know who would make a good Accountability Partner.

Here are steps to get you started.

  1. Understand relational accountability

Before choosing a good accountability partner, all you need to know is what accountability is all about. It’s the aptitude and willingness to give an account to someone else of your motives and actions.

There are several key characteristics:

Ability: what does Accountability Software gives you. It recapitulates what you do online into an easy-to-read statement and then it automatically sends it to your Accountability Partner.

Willingness: True responsibility is not obligatory. It is chosen.

Motives and Actions: Accountability is about being open about why I do it and what I do.

  1. Acquire personal responsibility

You will be disappointed on every moment, if relational accountability is divorced from personal responsibility. In the end, it’s not your accountability partner’s job to change your life. You must totally own your mistakes, your weaknesses, your habits, your messes and your character.

  1. Take stock of what provoked you to find accountability

Ask yourself that why you signed up for Covenant Eyes initially. Were you risking yourself into morally GRAY AREAS online? Were you spending excessive time playing games online and neglecting your family? Did you choose accountability to serve as a good illustration to others or your family? You must be able to state very evidently what your objectives are in exceptionally specific words.

  1. Formulate two to four questions based on your motivation

Your partner should know your weaknesses, goals and your biggest potential pitfalls. You can get started by writing down few questions you want your partner to ask from you. Make the questionnaires detailed enough that you cannot answer them with a simple no or a yes. This will also help you talk regarding not just your actions but your motives as well.

One should remember that, accountability will appear a little diverse for everybody. What is important is that you and your partner find what works best for you.

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