Tebakyu and Friends Volume One
The word Tebasaki is Japanese word that means chicken wing and the word Kyuri means cucumber. When we Put these two words together we get Tebakyu.

So, what is this app about?

Using this app users can send their text messages to their friends and family members with a touch of humor and flare. Using this app users are able to enjoy 24 original iMessage stickers illustrated by the artist Ronald Mabunga.

Using this app people can easily express themselves in a rich ways by providing stickers that could be used within their iMessage conversations.

Users will just need to tap in order to send stickers in a thread, peel and place them on top of bubbles, adjust their size etc.

While you can send stickers as messages, you can also slap stickers on top of existing messages.

if you are looking for one of the best app having custom designed stickers you should definitely check out   Tebakyu and Friends Volume One.

So, Download this awesome app and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.



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