Astrology & Tarot card


Astrology is a precise psychic tool that can describe your personality and make predictions of monumental dates coming up in the future. But if you do not know your exact birth time, a psychic will not have a clear picture of where and when you will most be impacted. Giving an astrologer the wrong birth time is like giving him or her a completely different person to analyze. If your birth time is off by four hours, some of the astrologer’s predictions could be a forecast for seven years into the future rather than for tomorrow.

Tarot card

Tarot card readings can vary from psychic to psychic, as there are a myriad of tarot decks, each with highlights and some with missing information. If you are working with a tarot reader, it is like having a therapist who gets to know the patterns of the cards you draw. This intimate bond will bear fruit, but jumping from reader to reader is not a good way to plan for solid predictions.

Many psychics specialize in healing. If you are not wounded, they may be getting deep into a minor wound, a little scratch on the surface of your ego. You must understand the tools your psychic is using if you are scrutinizing them for quantifiable accuracy.

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