When we take a look back in 2015 it was all about selfies but when it comes to 2016, it is still all about taking selfies, but with a slight twist. It seems that a picture of your own face just isn’t enough anymore, and it’s hardly surprising to see that the selfie craze has snowballed out of control as not a single person is letting go of an opportunity to take a selfie. It was only a matter of time before people got little bored, and it seems that they have already gone and found something new. The latest craze involves swapping your selfie face with someone or something else’s selfie face, depending on what your camera decides is a face.

The outcome can sometimes be quite terrifying to say the least, but at the same time it is hilarious. With the craze spreading quickly online, developers have jumped into the fray to provide us with numerous tools, so you can get in on the face swap fun easily on your mobile phone. The good news is that most of the best face swapping apps are free and today we are going to talk about this awesome new face swapping app which is the first photorealistic and automatic face swapping application.

SwapMe iOS App by FacioMetrics

If you’re really into your face swapping and want the tools to customise your faces down to the smallest detail, then SwapMe is the application to take a look as SwapMe is the first photorealistic and automatic face swapping application. It is free to change faces within the same image and only $1 if you want to exchange faces from your library. I have tried using several face swapping apps, but this app SwapMe is the best in terms of quality of the result and most importantly this app is very easy to use.

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This app can easily be downloaded from the App Store and don’t forget to share about this awesome app with your friends and family.

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