Super Elder is an awesome and easy to play game in which the character Super Elder which is in user control flies through the air and on its way collect CTR coins to buy food for the bishop store house. The only hurdles he faces on the way are the bees and the lightening bolts from which the user will have to keep him away. The key goal of the game is to keep Super Elder in the air for as much time as possible and not let him fall to the ground and on the way collect as many golden coins as possible while avoiding the hurdles.

While handling Super Elder the user has to keep Super Elder in the air by creating a line under him that will form a trampoline that helps in keeping him in the air. This game is Fun and challenging to play with beautiful scenarios. Explore an awesome endless map with tons of surprises in it. In addition user can easily turn off the game sound at any time.


That’s not all this game also offers some awesome power ups that includes “Bubbles” that protects Super Elder by shielding him from the approaching hurdles on the way ahead, “Turbo Speed” that collects all the coming coins itself for the time duration it is valid, “Hot Pepper” that provides an excellent boost in energy and “The Book of Mormon” that will give some exceptional protection from the hurdles which includes bees and lightening bolts.

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