Do you remember the last time you read a magazine article or a book? Does your day-to-day reading habits center around Facebook posts, tweets and other updates through social media. If you’re one also one of these countless people who don’t have a habit of reading books regularly, you might be missing out a number of benefits including: Stress Reduction, Mental Stimulation, Vocabulary Expansion, Knowledge, Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills, Memory Improvement, Better Writing Skills, Improved Focus and Concentration, Free Entertainment, Tranquility and a number of other benefits.

There is a reading genre for almost every person on the planet whether, your taste lie in poetry, classical literature, religious texts, fashion magazines, self-help guides, biographies, romance novels, street lit etc there’s always something out there that will capture your curiosity and imagination.

The Sunstone Bearer: The Adventures of Lilianda Book 3

When it comes to reading books this new book named “The Sunstone Bearer: The Adventures of Lilianda Book 3” is a must read. The summary of the story is that millennia ago, the vampi thought they had destroyed almost all the sunstones, after war was waged over their use. They were wrong. A new bearer has arisen, a man who is traveling around the world and burning mortal and vampire alike. After an incident on the Spanish Steps in Rome is reported on the news, the vampi begin to mass against this new threat to mankind.
But, even the assistance of their old friend, Merlin, isn’t enough for them to find this man. They must procure the services of a true sorcerer, someone with a higher level of magic than Merlin. They find Eyslk, a childlike sorcerer over one hundred years old. Suspecting that this new bearer has magical ability, they must travel deep into the Welsh Mountains to enlist the aid of the sorecerous community, a society that has shut itself off from the rest of humanity. A society that wants nothing more than for mankind to believe that true magic is not real. A society that will do anything in its power to maintain its secrecy.
Will Merlin, who hasn’t visited Dragon Keep in over two thousand years be able to convince them to help? Will the sorcerers inside realize that there is something unusual about the Vampi? Or, will the new sunstone bearer rule the world?

This book is available on amazon and will be free from October 8 – 12. So, read this book and don’t forget to share about this awesome book with you friends and family.

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