LinkedIn have millions of active users, definitely is one of the most loved and used network to manage your professional identity. So, Having a big LinkedIn following can definitely result in more leads for your business, better job opportunity, more and more views on your blog, and at the same time it will result in stronger community for your brand.

Now you might be thinking how some people have a lot of LinkedIn connections? In this article today i am going to give you some tips that will help you grow your LinkedIn  account and increase your followers.

1. By Connecting with People In Your Niche

By connecting with more people in your niche there is a huge chance of you gaining following. It might not seem true but it is. Try and go through & connect with new people around this will definitely helps you get your name out there & will allows other users to discover you.  Doing this in your niche will be helpful to gain connections in your niche that might come across your profile.

2. By Creating Theme Of The Pictures You Post

If you have followed the point #1, Now it is time to move to point #2. By following point #1 a lot of users will naturally start noticing your profile & will also check out your account. Now it’s your time to offer them something they can fall in love with.  By create a specific theme for your account it really helps to gain followers interested in your niche.

3. By Socializing.

LinkedIn and other social media networks are not called social media for nothing. By socializing i.e responding to other people posts and by leaving a relevant comment on their post increase the change of gaining more and more engaging followers and it helps to grow your Instagram account.

There are many other ways using which you can increase engagement of your LinkedIn account.

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