Steps to Repair Credit and Increase Credit Score

Improving your credit score can mean qualifying for lower interest rates and better terms. That’s true whether you need a good credit score to borrow money for personal reasons (a home loan, a car loan, to get a credit card, etc) or so you can purchase inventory, lease a facility, etc., to start or grow your business.

The problem is, credit repair is a little like improving your professional network: You only think about it when it matters. But if you don’t have good credit, it’s nearly impossible to correct that situation overnight.

That’s why the time to start repairing your credit is now — before you really need it.

Fortunately, it’s not to hard to improve your credit score.

Here’s a simple steps you can follow to improve your credit score:

1. Review your credit reports

2. Dispute negative marks

3. Dispute incorrect late-payment entries

4. Decide if you want to play the game some credit repair companies play

5. Ask nicely

6. Increase credit limits

7. Open another credit card account

8. Pay down outstanding balances

9. Pay off high-interest, “new” credit accounts first

10. Ride some great credit coattails (of a person you trust.)

11. Keep your “old” credit cards

12. Pay every bill on time

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