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Importance Of Social Media Marketing in B2B Environments

In B2B marketing environment having a lot of users following your brand is just not enough, we have to move beyond having massive amount of likes and followers on our social media pages & simple conversations. In B2B marketing environment the most impactful thing is the user data and the first generation of social media marketing tools and technologies were not having an impact, but now with time this thing has changed swiftly. Marketers are observing an immense uplift in demand for B2B marketing campaigns planned to collect mainly user interest and associated data, then with the help of collected data try to shorten the sales cycle.

Some of the most common and latest approaches for social campaigns used by the B2B marketers to meet their objectives are as follows:

Establishing a continuous sequence of social engagement

In almost all B2B marketing environments, one shot of marketing is just not enough, we need to prolong the conversation & bring up the lead by means of extended and complicated sales cycle and this cannot be possible within an extent of eighty to ninety days campaign. Instead, we have to map out sequence of engagements which gives better results and leads for all the user data we have collected early. But of course running these types of campaigns are expensive in terms of time and cost associated.

Extending Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays when we think about Social Media Marketing Campaigns we cannot only think about a single social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, our potential lead can be anywhere around the web and so we must also extend our social media campaign accordingly with our brand experience uniform and user data synchronized across every web platform. When we talk about brand experience, we should not forget mobile users as they occupy almost 60% of the World Wide Web (www) and proper mobile friendly user experience doesn’t just relate to making our campaign easily accessible to the mobile users but, it has to seem and feel like it was created specially for mobile users.

Collecting and applying interest and attribute related data

Whenever B2B marketers say that they want to be more aware about their customers, it doesn’t mean that they just want to recognize their business interests but they most probably also want to know about their personal interests too and this thing is of most importance in B2B marketing environment.

With the help of social media marketing tools available nowadays, B2B marketers can now target their customers based on their interests and attributes and with the help of data collected they can reshape their marketing towards extended and better sales cycles.

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