Do you want to know the most powerful and effective way the most influential Instagram users are gaining thousands and thousands of followers? They do it through shoutouts, & if you are willing to learn to master this awesome follower-building trend, you can get a very popular account within as little as few weeks or months.

Coming to the main point here’s how it works: Two or three Instagram users usually agrees to give each other shoutout posts on their account by posting a video or a photo and asking their followers to go ahead & follow other accounts. Shoutout posts normally uses videos or images from account they’re shouting out. This is most probably one of the most effective and fastest way to build followers on Instagram.

Following tips might be helpful to get a great Instagram shoutout.

Lookout for users having content similar to what you post.

If your target audience are interested in post about food and healthy recipes so chances are you won’t have luck targeting users who normally posts about sports. So, in Instagram you need to Look for users having content similar to what you post.

Lookout for users having similar number of followers

Many users write a little blurb in the bio of their account that they’re open to shoutouts. But, if that account have 100K+ followers and you only have 50, don’t bother contacting them as almost all the users only agree to shoutout if both of you have almost similar number of followers.

Follow, Like or Comment users before asking them for a shoutout.

Manners matters a lot on social media. It’s always better to politely engage with users who you want to ask for shoutout, & it also shows that you are interested in their content. Try to give their videos and photos few comments and likes and even give them a follow in order to let them know you’re serious.

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