Secrets to E-book’s

Secrets to E-book’s

E-books have brought with it a new challenge for the book cover designers.

The very first challenge, if you have been designing a book covers for any time, is to comprehend precisely what an e-book cover really is.

Unlike the print books, which we can be picked up and could be examined, an e-book does not exist in any physical form other than as a computer file. So how can they have a cover?

And as an e-book is merely a computer file with text, e-books cannot be said to have a particular shape or size.

So when we talk about designing a cover for your e-book, it is very important for you to realize that the little rectangles we are used to of seeing that represent the cover of printed books are simply a convention.


As a 6″ x 9″ printed book has 54 square inches of space to design with, an area enough for a pretty decent illustration, maybe 50 to 90 or 100 words of copy for nonfiction books, blurbs, subtitles, tag lines, awards, series logos as well as the essential title and author, e-book covers do not have these. Simplicity is one of the key components present in a successful e-book cover design.


This one is of prime importance, and makes sure that all the effort you have put into your cover is going to pay off to you.

Your book will be shown in several different ways on multiple sites like Amazon and iBookstore. You really need to design for the smallest size of all, and here is the reason why. That size is the one that your book is displayed in when you do a search. People who already know regarding your book are going to head straight for it anyway; those are not the people we should be anxious about.


Even though your cover is going to be viewed in a very small format, and even though I have just advised you to keep it simple, your e-book cover also has other significant work to do for you in terms of branding. It is important for your readers to be able to distinguish the books in a series right away that is part of your series’ branding, and part of your author advertising too.

The template or the design of your e-book gives potential buyers the information they need in order to make a purchase decision.

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