You keep hearing information about moving your company to the cloud. Virtually every tech blog or new service talks about how beneficial the cloud can be for your company, but have you ever stopped to wonder if you need cloud services? London is home to nearly a million small businesses, and understanding how they’re using the cloud is key to deciding whether it’s right for your company.

What Is It?

If you’re completely unfamiliar with the cloud, a bit of definition may be necessary. Cloud computing simply means managing your business’ technology online. While the term continues to evolve, the idea is that the way you store and access all of your data happens through an internet connection rather than a single, physical device.

Cloud Service


Moving your company to the cloud can mean a few really amazing things. It starts with agility. Almost everyone in London is looking to give their company a competitive edge. You need to faster, cheaper, and have a higher quality product than everyone else in your industry if you truly want to succeed. The cloud can help you do just that. It can shorten time to delivery considerably, giving you access to your resources and storage capacity within seconds, no matter where you may be.

As much as agility is important, today, though, so is using your resources wisely. You need efficiency, and that often means maximising what you have available, both in terms of technology and people. If you’re working in the cloud, that means your team members can get more done without worrying about interruption thanks to your technology. Moreover, cloud computing tends to be cheaper and it’s space-friendly, a must for today’s smaller offices. You’re using off-site resources on a constant basis, and that means you just don’t need as much storage space. You also won’t have the start-up costs businesses did just a few years ago.


Ready to think a bit more seriously about cloud services for your London company? You’re in the right place. There are hundreds of cloud providers located right in the city who can help you with exactly what you need. Before you select the right one, though, you’ll want to consider a few factors. Naturally cost is going to be your biggest concern, but it shouldn’t be. Instead, look at the services they have available. Make certain you’re going to have 24/7 help and support, someone who speaks your language, and services that can scale up as quickly as your company does. If you’re like many companies in London today, you’re only going to grow, and that means you need help that can grow with you.

The world of business is changing fast, and the number of companies using the latest technology, including the cloud, is only growing. If you don’t move in that direction, your competitors certainly will. Stay ahead of the game, and begin researching your options today.


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