Almost everyone loves to gamble from time to time. Unfortunately there are days when we don’t always win as this game is unpredictable but the real fun is in the playing, not the winning.

The idea of betting has always been a great source of enjoyment for centuries. The rules and regulations for this game have been adapted somewhat according to the local laws but for all purposes, the game of betting has remained untainted as it was when it was first devised.

Today i am going to share with you information related to SCR888, a mobile casino game that i just came across recently.

SCR888 mobile casino game is available for both Android and IOS devices, When it comes to number of slots there are around more then 100 slot machines and table games inside this SCR888 game console.


This game was developed in Malaysia by the local Penang company and was initially promoted locally in Malaysia, this is one reason this game is so popular in Malaysia. Other reasons for its popularity includes but not limited to having easy gameplay, user friendly interface and very high wining rate.

If you’re just new to this following are the steps mentioned below that you need to follow in order to play this game and they are very easy to follow.

Of course you will need an Android or IOS device and internet access to play SCR888, also you will need to purchase in-game credit in order to start betting, MYR1.00 = 1 in-game point. After that these are the steps that you will need to follow:

  • Select game agent
  • Download game client (Click Here To Download)
  • Purchase or Top-up in-game points.
  • Select game and start betting.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to start playing this highly engaging game.

So, now you might be thinking how you would be able to withdraw your game points and convert them to cash?

It’s pretty simple and you will need to get in contact with your game agent and inform them amount you want to withdraw also known as CUCI in Malay. Next the agent will deduct amount of game points and transfer cash to your bank account.

That’s all about playing this game and withdraw your earnings. I would suggest you to continuously practice this game to find that winning formula using which you can become a pro at this game and start earning good amount from your skill.

Download this game today and don’t forget to share about this awesome game app with your friends and family.



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