Acting out things you are unable to do in real life such as beating people up, high speed chases, in depth character development, customization etc is a way many people relieve stress and evade reality because it is opposite to their own life. Often times enjoyment & pleasure comes by doing something normally we cannot do and this is not limited to games but other things involved includes books, movies, TV etc almost all forms of entertainment. It is always fun to do and experience new things without the risks involved.

San Andreas Gangster island

Most of you are familiar with the game GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and without a doubt it is one of the most widely played game. Most people play GTA on their PC but there are many who always prefer to play game on their mobile devices and for those today, i am going to share an awesome game which is available for android users and if you are a fan of GTA then you must try this game as this game is not just easy to play but includes some awesome graphics and gameplay.

In the San Andreas Gangster Island you will play the role of a gangster who is not afraid of anything. If you are interested in mafia games then this game is for you as in this game mafia rule the city and you’ll find savage and aggressive criminals everywhere. Criminals have created a total chaos in the city. By playing San Andreas Gangster Island you will be able to fight rivals empire stealing cars, escaping from the police and shooting everything around!! It’s time to show everyone who’s the boss by shooting rivals and ruling the streets.

To stop criminals you’ll have to complete different missions and will need to learn how to fly helicopter and jet planes. San Andreas Gangster Island has amazing game graphics with smooth game controls so that you can enjoy a perfect action-packed gaming experience. The developers of this game are constantly working hard on making the San Andreas Gangster Island game better and more entertaining for you.

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