Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills

Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills

Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills is one of the most entertaining and an addictive hill climb racing game ever made. This game comes with Extraordinary Cars, Bikes and Motorcycles, Excellent maps and different weather conditions in which you can play this game and enjoy.

Initially the name of the game was “Road Draw – Hill Climb Race” that was changed to “Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills”

This game is #1 Top Free Racing Game in Many Countries and due to it’s features and addictive gameplay it is staying at #1. In this game, you are god of the roads and you will rule the roads.


This game comes with many awesome features and characteristics not limited to:

  • Innovative driving gameplay that is funny, entertaining and addictive.
  • Your mission : climb the hill, draw the roads and keep your car safe through the obstacles.
  • Beware of the shuriken and dangerous skulls while climbing through the roads you draw
  • Simple to play but hard to master
  • Innovative endless racing game
  • Lots of vehicles, Mini cars, 4×4, Offroad, Army, SUV, Jeep, even SchoolBus.
  • Cars have different properties like engine power, suspension and grip. Some cars are great climbers and some of them are speed enthusiastic.
  • You can see some useful details about cars on car selection menu.
  • 2 different environments. Earth is the standart map of the game and every player can enjoy. Mars has funny gravity settings but it is absolutely for expert gamers.
  • Realistic physics and 60 fps gameplay.
  • Draw mountains and climb them with your 4×4 car.
  • Draw the roads of your own style and beware of the obstacles.
  • Sketch paths and lines. Keep sketching and sketching again.
  • Collect coins, fuels and surprise coin packages while climbing hills.
  • Mind the realistic physics, calculate accurate ramps based on speed and direction.
  • Feel free and be creative while drawing roads.
  • Play on 2 different weathers: sunny and rainy.
  • Play daily and get great bonuses.
  • When you need more coins, watch special videos and get free coins.

So, if you’re looking for the best hill climb racing game that is awesome to play and comes with many different features then you should definitely check out Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills available on Play Store.

So, Download this awesome game.You can also follow this game Facebook page or visit their official website and don’t forget to share about this game with your friends and family.


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