Data Recovery

Lost data from your Mac in recent times? Do not fret. Here is EaseUs, a free data recovery software for Mac available Free of cost. Recover your lost data in minutes. Read on to know more with this hands-on review.

EaseUS is a free data recovery software that recovers all the inaccessible, unintentionally formatted and by mistake deleted files in Mac. You can now restore all your lost or deleted documents, old memories captured in photos, videos, and audio records, emails and more types of files.

EaseUs is a software specially crafted to save every hidden or deleted files from every Mac device, be it Notebook, Laptop or Desktop. It does the same even for USB drives, Hard drives, SSDs, memory, SD or CF card, from MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras, iPods and everything else.

Mac data recovery  is done by the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard that works perfect for different kinds of data loss cases. It saves the data at an incredible speed whenever there is any event of unexpected data loss.

Here are the Features at a glance:

Recovers Deleted Mac Files

EaseUs can recover all those files or folders which were accidentally moved to Trash, or been deleted through conducting a key press of ‘Command + Del’, bring back all those documents which got emptied from the Trash Folder before any backup was taken.

Formatted or RAW Mac Recovery

The EaseUs software can even bring back all those files which have been formatted unintentionally. Its RAW Mac Recovery helps in retrieving every files and folders that were changed through formatting.

Mac Partition Recovery

One can recover an entire set of Partitioned data, if they were lost during creating a partition in the system.

Two Recovery Modes

There are two recovery modes in EaseUs to recover data from a Mac device.

Quick Scan: The “quick scan” mode is to get the scanning process start automatically and to get through the Mac device or any other storage device to retrieve the lost data as fast as possible.

Deep Scan: The “deep scan” mode is used to check and track every lost file by conducting an in-depth scanning. This mode is generally used to find out the hidden, inaccessible or formatted files from remote areas of the system.

Importing and Exporting Scanning Results

It is a flexible feature of EaseUs Data Recovery tool to resume the recovering process on a Mac device. This is to procure the data without conducting the rescanning process while importing the scanning results that have been saved beforehand.

File Filtering and Previewing

Through this feature EaseUs can easily look through every retrieved data, including the filtered ones that are found through the search results and the user gets the benefit of previewing all those recoverable files before the process of recovery.


Ease of Use

EaseUS is one of those easy-to-use programs, that has a wonderful Data Recovery Wizard ready for the Mac users. Especially the Quick Scan feature lets the scan begin automatically and repairs the damaged data on a single click.

Business Tools

EaseUS does offer another comprehensive tool set for business purposes that need disk recovery. There the remote network access allows any IT personnel to perform the lost file recovery process on any hard drive that is connected to the network

Help & Support

EaseUS is one of those rare software that has earned high ranking for the support features. It provides technical support through email phone calls and live chat. The developers respond in time and are not reluctant in answering any question that is asked on their website forum.

The software offers network tools.

The EaseUs tools is compatible with a large number of network tools.


The success rate of recovering lost music files and videos isn’t that great.

The Final Verdict

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is indeed a useful tool that is easy to use, that is offered free of cost. The Wizard is extremely efficient in finding out the lost files while the Quick Scan function is on work. The performance if not exceptional is surely satisfactory like many other tools that do the same work against a fee. Moreover, for the business houses who are seeking software with advanced features, like compatibility with networks, a bootable drive or RAID systems, EaseUs has all its packages ready. No doubt, it is a recommendable software that comes handy whenever one loses data all of a sudden.


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