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Nowadays people have to face an extra challenge when they are crafting a resume: The resume not just have to include professional content but at the same time the resume should also look great. By reading this article today you will get to know some tips about how you can improve your resume content and with that i am also going to tell you from where you can get your resume Professionally designed and written.

Technology is advancing on almost daily basis but still the only thing that have still remained the same is the need of a standout resume. Whether it is a digital resume or a paper one, there are some basic rules that we still need to follow and those rules will even help your resume rise to the top.

Resume Content

Be brief. The first thing you need to do is to write an Objective/Summary but you should be brief. One page is normally more than enough unless you’ve a good amount of relevant experience. If your resume is going onto second page and you want to cut content, ask an editor or any professional to help you tighten to buy some more space on the page. it is better to put more context & information in your cover letter.

Customize content. Having your graphic design resume to be tailored for each particular job you seek is very important. It is better to keep a master version that should includes all accomplishments and work history, and this could be helpful to you in picking those that are most relevant every time you apply for new position.

Provide proof. It is always considered better to just not list what you do; you should show how you do it. You should include power verbs in your resume to explain how you used your talent to benefit your past employer.

Focus on numbers. Hiring managers are always looking to see results of your previous work, and more measurable they are the better. Mentioning Sales statistics etc will definitely grab their attention and show them that you’re a result-oriented person.

Mention your soft skills. Nowadays hiring managers are becoming more and more interested to non-technical skills too such as time management, problem solving, flexibility etc. I would always be better if you include some examples that illustrates how you will put these types of skills into the action.

Proofread. Many a times it’s very hard to spot a mistake in content that you’ve probably worked with but in resume one typo can definitely cost you an interview, especially when you’re interviewing for a competitive position. So, it is important before you submit your resume, read it again and again.

Avoid Buzzwords. It is always better if you avoid using empty clichés and buzzwords.

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