Reason Car Battery Keep Dying

Today i am going to share with you the reason why your car battery keeps dying. There are basically six main reasons and i am going to share with you all of them one by one so lets look into details:

Dome lights or the adlights left on

The first reason is the Dome lights or the adlights being left on and this usually drain a battery dead overnight. So, the best thing to do is to check for interior lights when it’s dark outside. There are even headlights that are primarily designed to remain on for a while.

Weak or poor condition Battery

This is another reason included in our list and weak battery or poorly maintained might not hold charge very well and small drains may distroy  a very weak battery. So, having one of the best battery is important

Loose or Corroded battery connections

This is next reason that usually leads to dead batteries. Corroded battery connections prevent charging systems from draining battery when driving and having loose battery connections can also be an issue.

Parasitic drains in electrical system

This is another issue and parasitic drains can be difficult to find, but usually they are capable of draining batteries dead

Hot and cold temperatures

Next and important issue is the Hot or cold weather this is specifically for weak or old battery and not for good or new battery.

So, the above mentioned points may be one reason your car battery keeps dying.


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