Rate my Tate

Everyone in the online world nowadays can come up with a new creative concepts that could be helpful to users from time to time. There are some specific objective measurements that can be very helpful to predict creative concept’s effectiveness.

Some of the things people consider while rating a creative concept includes:

  • Will it grab attention?
  • Is it directed at the target?
  • Is the concept on strategy?
  • Is it benefit oriented?
  • Does it support the brand or the concept?


So, keeping in mind the idea of rating a creative concept. RateMyTate is a new assessment app for creative work (Tate) which is very entertaining and easy to use due to it’s new innovative and multidimensional rating process.

Using this app users can easily upload images of their creative work and get it rated by the crowd –

So, if you are looking for the most unbiased review of your concept or idea then this is the app you need to get. There is no criteria of friends or followers to be needed in order to get your idea assessed and evaluated.

So, RateMyTate is the only app that works as a personal market research tool without requiring personal crowd reach.

This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also download this app directly from Rate My Tate Official Website. So, get this app today and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.


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