Quantum Nova

Quantum Nova by Joe Dacy II

Quantum Nova is a new released book by well known author Joe Dacy II. This book is included in our list of must reads and i would definitely recommend you to give this book a try. Here’s a short summery of the book.

They came out of the Void, four concentric spheres traveling at the speed of light, unseen, and, in fact, invisible, obeying none of the physical laws known to Man.

Eight years after the destruction of the colony world of Isan, the Han Hegemony Star Carrier White Dragon and the Alliance Battle Cruiser Aquila feel the wrath of this implacable force. In 2244, the Han and the Alliance — two star empires separated by opposing cultures — find they must work together to save the Earth and their colonies from Isan’s fate.

But there are other human forces which seek to thwart their desperate collaboration. The pocket carrier Ilihlosi, the Panther, pounces at every turn, stalking the two warships on an unfathomable mission of its own.

As the Event roils the bizarre world of quantum physics, the Hand of Orion, Betelgeuse, takes its swipe at all of Humanity. Facing extinction, two shipboard scientists must solve the mystery of a new horror in the Universe: a Quantum Nova.

This awesome book is Available on Amazon. So, get this book today and don’t forget to share about it with your friends and family.


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