poker coaching

Even though poker strategy discussion has been around for a long time now and is as long as the game itself, the more and more use of internet gives most people free access to the information and different platforms where they can exchanging ideas that have brought strategy and general poker skill level forward faster than ever before. If a poker player wants to improve his/her game they have numerous options available from strategy articles all over the web, to e-books, strategy forums & trainers.

The most effective way to improve as a player is by hiring a coach. Coaches are normally established players that dedicate their time to teach other players skills that have made them successful.

Typical lesson formats & how Poker Coaching Is Normally Done

Usually poker sessions are conducted on Skype or by using certain screen sharing software such as Team-viewer. Typical lesson formats would include the following:

Database Review:

Here players and the coach look through player’s tracking software database and inspect all key statistics.

Video Play Review:

In review session, the player records themselves playing with screen capturing software

Sweat the Student:

In this method, student starts up a session with coach viewing his screen through Teamviewer.

Sweat the Coach:

Here coach plays session at his regular stakes and student watches him play through Teamviewer.

Selecting a Poker Coach

Selecting good coach is important and you want to be sure whoever you choose is worth the money that you’re going to pay. There are a some way that you can ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. One of the most important thing is to check they’re as good as they say they are. I am also going to share with you link of service offered by a Poker coach below.

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