Q: What do you do when you really need Karma, but she is AWOL?

A: You step in, do her job for her and wait for a round of applause.

Free romantic thriller.

With some careful plotting and planning, Arena finds a way
to outsmart and escape Tom, her controlling and abusive husband.
Finally free of him, she cherishes her freedom and life is great. Eh,
not quite.
Tom, who is blind-sided by her move, recovers quickly and cuts
off all financial assistance. With two small children (one a baby), he is
certain that life will get so tough, she will have no choice but to return to
him and their palatial home.
But even with all the hardships she faces, Arena is determined not
to return to her tyrant of a husband and fights to hold onto her freedom.
When she meets a wonderful, generous man called Bear who
adores her and her children, life gets easier.
Unfortunately, she’s underestimated Tom. No one crosses him and gets away with it.
He is so livid at her determination, he plots to take away, not only the freedom
she fought so hard for, but to also take away her children. He will have last word
because …he can.
He succeeds to a degree. But with Bear’s help, Arena fights back. Not only
that, but she fights dirty. With master manipulator Tom, she believes that is
the only way. The result is an explosive, romantic thriller from Eve Rabi that
will make you laugh, make you cry and most of all, keep you turning pages

“Just a few pages in and I was so hooked, I even considered sneaking it into the cinema whilst the kids were watching their film!” Amazon reviewer

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