For some people cosplaying is just another hobby. For others, cosplaying is a way of life. Whether in past have participated in cosplay or not, it have become too much prevalent in our society nowadays. A lot of time and effort is put on producing these costumes. For those people who don’t know much about cosplay it is same as dressing up for Halloween. But for those people who practice this art, it is more than simply dressing up – Cosplay is fully immersing oneself as character and to perform in front of hundreds of fans.

History of Cosplay

At first it was simply dubbed as ‘costuming’. Cosplay began in late 1930s in North America. Back at that time it don’t require participants to mimic the character’s appearance. Instead, they just needed to dress appropriately for this genre. Forrest J. Ackerman was the first attendee who showed up in the costume, so the following year, conventions began to look just like masquerade balls, & prizes were also given to those who wore the ‘best costume.’

It was not before 1984 that term ‘cosplay’ invented, that combined the words ‘costume’ & ‘play’. This was basically coined by Japanese reporter, Nobuyuki Takahashi, after he attended World-con in Los Angeles.

Why People Participate

There are so many reasons to why participants love to take part in art of cosplay. Just as how it’s fun to be dressed up as different person on Halloween, similarly cosplayers enjoy transforming themselves into different characters.

Cosplay focuses on the likeness to character,  a lot of effort and thought is put into high quality costumes and realistic roleplaying. In short, cosplaying is just like acting, for participants must get into character & they should behave like them once they wear their costume.

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