How to Optimize twitter account and tweets

How to Optimize twitter account and tweets

Optimizing twitter account and tweets we post are very important nowadays specially if you are running a brand or you are a digital marketer as, Twitter is considered one of the most effective tool to generate leads.

Following are the ways using which we can optimize the twitter account and the tweets we post

  1. By using relevant keywords in bio in order to rank in Twitter search.
  2. By using relevant hashtags in the tweets we posts. Tweets having hashtags gets 2 times more engagement, and is mostly helpful to attract new followers.
  3. By asking for retweets. Tweets which includes “Please retweet” gets 4x more retweets.
  4. By include images in tweets we post. Research suggests tweets having images along with text receives 20% more engagement.
  5. By Promoting twitter accounts on all the marketing materials including brochures, business cards, signs, website etc.
  6. By Using headshot in the profile picture, not the logo. No one wants to follow faceless brand.

Above six points gives answer to the most commonly asked question: How to Optimize twitter account and tweets

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